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Brand: Salamandra EAN: 9788416131273
Sequential Drawings
The New Yorker has used spot illustrations since 1925 to fill gaps in pages. Digital composition removed the need for spot illustrations so they became content in their own right. McGuire was the first to give them narrative structure: deceptively simple images that told a story spread through the m..
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Brand: Salamandra EAN: 9788498389456
White Teeth
Two unlikely friends, Archie Jones and Samad Iqbal. Hapless veterans of World War II, Archie, Samad, and their families become agents of England’s irrevocable transformation. White Teeth revels in the ecstatic hodgepodge of modern life, embracing the comedy of daily existence. / Situado en un barri..
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Brand: Salamandra EAN: 9788498388138
Divorce in Buda
The last case file of Kristóf Komives, a judge in Budapest, is the Greiner divorce. The woman's maiden name, Fazekas, for some reason makes the magistrate lose his immutable serenity. And then Mr. Greiner arrives at his house with the news of his wife's suicide. / El último expediente llegado a la ..
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Brand: Salamandra EAN: 9788416131457
Calling Dr. Laura
A revealing book about family secrets. Nicole was two years old when her family told her that her father had died. And twenty-three when a fortune teller told her that her real father was alive. Her sister, besieged by remorse, confesses that the family conspired to bury their true father in oblivio..
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Brand: Salamandra EAN: 9788498387834
This book collects, for the very first time, a selection of short stories in which one sees many of the key parts of Irène Némirovsky´s life, such as the effects of war or, and the petulance and vanity of the Parisian bourgeoisie. These stories bear witness to her extraordinary talent to depict soci..
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Brand: Salamandra EAN: 9788498385120
Shanghai Girls
Pearl Chin and her younger sister, May, are having the time of their lives. Both are beautiful, modern, and carefree, until the day their father tells them that he lost gambling and to repay his debts, he must sell them as wives to suitors. Pearl and May set out on the journey of a lifetime, from th..
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Brand: Salamandra EAN: 9788416295128
After opening our eyes to a different and completely renewed view of the delicious and flavorsome world of vegetables, in Sweet Ottolenghi tells us about his passion for the world of sweetness through more than a hundred new and spectacular recipes. / Tras habernos transmitido una mirada diferente ..
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Brand: Salamandra EAN: 9788498389616
Warriors: Power of Three #4: Eclipse
The fourth book in this third series brings more adventure, intrigue, and thrilling battles to the epic world of the warrior Clans. As Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw struggle with the weight of their destinies, a mysterious warning shakes the Clans' faith in their ancestors. All four Clans are in dan..
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Brand: Salamandra EAN: 9788498386059
This novel tells the remarkable story of an unusual community of Siberian bandits who are the opponents to Stalin and deported to Transnistria, a long section between Moldova and Ukraine, even today no man's land, ravaged by corruption, organized crime and smuggling. There grew up Nikolai proud to r..
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Brand: Salamandra EAN: 9788498387957
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
Nineteenth-century China. Lily, a young girl, is paired with a laotong, an “old same,” in a lifelong emotional bond. The laotong, Snow Flower, introduces herself by sending Lily a silk fan on which she’s written a poem in nu shu, a language that Chinese women use in order to speak in secret, hidden ..
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Brand: Salamandra EAN: 9788498385243
The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window An
Allan Karlsson ends up in a nursing home, believing it to be his last stop. The only problem is that he's still in good health, and he turns 100 tomorrow. A big celebration is in the works, but Allan really isn't interested. So he decides to escape. / Momentos antes de que empiece la celebración de..
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Brand: Salamandra EAN: 9788498389432
The Accidental Further Adventures of the Hundred-Year-Old Man
The old man that jumped from a window returns. The ridiculous humor and frenetic action are again the essence of another great novel by Jonas Jonasson, who with the famous old man leaves behind the 20th century and addresses fully the current political climate. / ¡Vuelve el abuelo que saltó de la v..
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