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5 minutos para crecer

5 minutos para crecer
5 minutos para crecer
5 Minutes to Grow
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  • EAN: 9786074533736
  • Author: Helios Herrera
The book 5 Minutes To Grow will be very useful because you will understand the habits that successful, productive, organized and positive human beings apply and that differentiate them from the mediocre, unproductive, disorganized and negative that make their life an eternal lamentation, producing a vortex of pessimism around them that affects their families and our entire Mexico. I strongly believe in the concepts that Helios expresses and more in the emphasis he puts on them; To every action always corresponds a reaction that depends to a great extent on each of us to change our thoughts and actions to receive all the blessings that life has prepared for us. Helios reminded me that decrees are not magical, they must be accompanied by decisions and concrete actions that allow us to achieve the dreams we so long for. / 5 minutos para crecer te será de gran utilidad porque comprenderás los hábitos que aplican los seres humanos exitosos, productivos, organizados y positivos, y que los diferencian de los mediocres, improductivos, desorganizados y negativos que hacen de su vida una eterna lamentación, produciendo una vorágine de pesimismo a su alrededor.
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