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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9789706433596
Ancestors for Children
The Ancestors is the book that begins the series "History for children". This collection is programmed so that they know the most important events of the social, political and cultural life that have transformed our country. For this reason, the ancestors will be transported to pre-Hispanic Mexico t..
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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9786074531237
The Borodin I. Love and Honor
The Borodin I narrates the extraordinary history of an aristocratic family of Imperial Russia, at the time of the Tsars. / Los Borodin I narra la extraordinaria historia de una familia aristócrata de la Rusia Imperial, en la época de los zares.El general ruso Dimitri Borodin muere en la batalla con..
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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9786074531244
The Borodin V. War and Passion
The Borodin II narrates the surprising story of the fall of the Russian Empire, after the revolution. 1914. / Los Borodin II narra la sorprendente historia de la caída del imperio ruso, después de la revolución. 1914. Rusia declara una amnistía para los presos políticos. Inicia la Guerra Europea. S..
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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9786074531442
The Borodin IV. Hope and Glory
The Borodin IV is a history of war, invasion, Holocaust and resistance between Russia and Germany and its allied countries. / Los Borodin IV es una historia de guerra, invasión, holocausto y resistencia entre Rusia y Alemania y sus países aliados. Stalin dirige Rusia y recurre a la represión políti..
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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9789706439802
The Horny Gods
In the magical kingdom of Olympus the most diverse erotic stories take place between gods, humans and demigods, Zeus, the father of the gods finds irresistible the beauty of any woman and uses more sophisticated weapons of seduction and transformation to possess her. On the other hand, Poseidòn uses..
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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9789706435255
Los Mayas. Para niños
Presents Maya myths and legends about cities, animals, plants, heroes, and other topics, and describes the daily life of the Maya...
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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9786074531114
Scrambled and Some Starry
After the publication of three successive volumes: The rebellious, The unruly and some metiches and The unruly, whose stories approach in a lucid and unexpected way the real and fictitious life of outstanding characters in the historical, political, social and artistic life of our country , the writ..
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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9786074535488
Lost in the Gabacho
His eloquence, naturalness and empathy have become a reference among the women. Many of his videos on the education of children and what happens to a housekeeper day to day have been seen millions of times. / Su elocuencia, naturalidad y empatía la han vuelto una referencia entre las mujeres. Mucho..
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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9786074536454
Luisol and the Nightmares
Has it happened to you that sometimes you don't want to go to sleep because some unpleasant dreams begin to populate your head? The same happens to Luisol: no knows where these horrible nightmares are coming from. You will find the ideal technique to confront those frightening dreams and sleep in pe..
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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9786074534542
Mom There's Only One
Meeting of the best cards of this monera that found fame among mothers (beginners, intermediate and advanced) from their own experience and to show the world of networks with a truth that not all dare to say aloud: Sometimes children do not create the ideal and wonderful world they tell us. Without ..
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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9786074532173
This title contains information and tools that allow you to recognize your priorities and make better decisions about your overall health and that of your whole family. I hope that this work can help you and your family to acquire healthier eating habits. / Este libro contiene información y herrami..
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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9786074535631
Wonderful Mythology
In wonderful Mythology the peak moments of myths and legends of the ancient Greeks are narrated. It is a fully illustrated book and gives a broad view of this prodigious culture. Among others, you will find the fascinating stories of The Trojan Horse, the Torment of the Chanterelle, Oedipus and the ..
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