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View Mi ex y otras maldiciones
Brand: Urano EAN: 9788417421625
The Ex Hex
Nine years ago, Vivienne Jones nursed her broken heart like any young witch would: vodka, weepy music, bubble baths…and a curse on the horrible boyfriend. Sure, Vivi knows she shouldn’t use her magic this way, but with only an “orchard hayride” scented candle on hand, she isn’t worried it will cause..
Brand: Urano EAN: 9788416622764
Meditate Your Weight
Hundreds of medical studies have shown the spectacular health benefits of meditation.  Now Tiffany Cruikshank, founder of Yoga Medicine, puts that scientific research to good, practical use by incorporating easy-to-use, targeted meditations into a unique weight-loss program. This 21-day plan optimiz..
Brand: Duomo EAN: 9788419004086
My Name is Lucy Barton
Lucy Barton is recovering slowly from what should have been a simple operation. Her mother, who she hasn’t spoken to in many years, comes to see her. Gentle gossip about people from Lucy’s childhood seems to reconnect them, but just below the surface lies the tension and longing that have informed e..
View Más sobre vida después de la vida
Brand: Edaf EAN: 9788441441330
More on Life After Life
If Life After Life marked a turning point with respect to modern man's concepts of death - both cultural, spiritual and scientific -, this rigorous work represents a controversial debate around another “taboo” topic in our society: the possibility of contact with deceased persons...
Brand: Almuzara EAN: 9788417828677
Christian Martyrs Under Nazism
Those familiar with Nazism and World War II know of Hitler's hatred of the Jews. Less well known, however, is the aversion that, from adolescence, Hitler cultivated towards Christianity. This book tells how Hitler became a dictator with the support of millions of Germans despite the resistance of ma..
View Manual para padres primerizos
Brand: Almuzara EAN: 9788417828783
Manual for First-Time Parents
This guide will teach you about your baby: what tests doctors perform on them and what the results mean, how to breastfeed, how to take care of them, and what to watch for,..
Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788418531750
Modern Witch's Handbook for Attracting Money
Be guided by the Modern Witch and draw abundance and prosperity to your life. Montse Osuna is one of the most respected authors in the Natural Magic world and the power of color. In this book, she shares a lot of easy spells, to prosper and make your business profitable and attract good luck. You wi..
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491118114
The Symbols of Judaism
Shabbat candles, kiddush wine glass, Sukkot hut, Passover unleavened bread... Rabbi Aharon Shlezinger offers us a comprehensive study on the fundamental symbols of Judaism...
View Los secretos de Amy
Brand: Duomo EAN: 9788418128370
The Missing Treasures of Amy Ashton
Amy Ashton once dreamed of becoming an artist and creating beautiful objects. But now she simply collects them. Aquamarine bottles, bright yellow crockery, deep Tuscan red pots (and the odd slow-cooker) take up every available inch of space in her house. Having suffered a terrible tragedy - one she ..
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491118152
The Prosperity Principles
It’s about creating a way of living where you aren’t controlled by fear, inertia, or poverty. You, instead, are motivated by creative, positive action, and an open mind that is ready to receive prosperity in every area of your life. This book will show you the time-tested principles used by the self..
Brand: Urano EAN: 9788418712081
Another Kind
Six kids search for a new place to call home in this middle grade graphic novel debut by comic creators Cait May and Trevor Bream, for fans of Marvel’s Runaways and The Witch Boy by Molly Knox Ostertag. Another Kind is not your average monster story. Tucked away in a government facility nicknamed th..
Brand: Herder EAN: 9788425445026
Plato's Myths
In this book, Karl Reinhardt makes a thoughtful and comparative interpretation of Plato's myths. He selects what, from his point of view, is significant and arranges it in a network of fundamental concepts. He makes the practical and emotional relevance of the text visible to the reader, inviting yo..
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