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Brand: Batiscafo EAN: 9788416544226
Approaching Ali
This book is not a biography of Muhammad Ali. It's not a book about boxing either. It is something else: more beautiful, more universal. Ali was one of the great heroes of our time and an inspiration for millions of people, whether in the fields of sport, politics or spirituality. Great authors have..
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Brand: Urano World EAN: 9788418712098
Sophie is a young witch whose mother and grandmother pressure her to attend the Royal Magic Academy—the best magic school in the realm—even though her magic is shaky at best. To train for her entrance exams, Sophie is sent to relatives she’s never met. Cousin Sage and Great-Aunt Lan seem more intere..
$23.36 $25.95
Brand: Diamante EAN: 9789687277639
The Eyes of my Princess
One of the most original and moving love stories in current literature. Sheccid is a young woman full of mysteries, a fascinating character whose destructive beauty hides a terrible secret; but José Carlos, who sees her as a muse, displays an incessant effort to decipher it. The author leads us with..
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Brand: Urano World EAN: 9786077488590
Cotton Dads, Crystal Children
What mistakes are we parents making in the training and education of our children that are producing crystal children who cannot tolerate frustration and who demand immediacy in what they want? Love is being confused with total concession and, in the interest of giving them the best, we are causing ..
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Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491457183
This Book Is Perfect!
Finn is not like most frogs.Finn likes things clean— perfectly clean.His book is immaculate. It’s amazing. It’s PERFECT. (Well, according to him)But one day, an oopy, goopy mess begins to sneak its way onto Finn's pristine pages, threatening to disrupt his perfect world. Determined to restore order,..
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Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491457152
I Really Really don't Like Parties
Dora is a fun-loving girl but she doesn’t like parties, even at her friend Rashid’s. They are too loud and too busy. When Rashid sends her an invitation, she thinks up all kinds of reasons not to A gorilla broke into her bedroom and stole her party dress… She has a sore knee, or throat, or toe, or a..
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Brand: Urano World EAN: 9788418714498
A Journey Towards (Self) Love
Reconnect with yourself to create a safe and happy place to live without depending on anyone else... Life is a journey, one that can have good and bad moments, but the most important thing is to be able to do it with you taking the reins along the way. This book invites you to walk the path towards ..
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Brand: Koan EAN: 9788418223914
What's Next?
In the lives of women who have felt the desire to become mothers and have not succeeded, for whatever reason, there is a turning point when they are faced with what is perhaps the most dreaded of questions, "What's next?”Míriam Aguilar shares her profound and personal journey through the painful pat..
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Brand: Duomo EAN: 9788419521477
City Spies 2. Golden Gate
After foiling the plans of a notorious villain at the eco-summit in Paris, the secret team of young agents prepares for their next mission. Sydney, a rebellious young surfer living in Australia who is a field operations specialist for the City Spies, is excited to learn that she will go undercover o..
$17.96 $19.95
Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788418531729
The Complete Book of Numerology
To the conventional scientist, numbers are merely symbols of comparative quantities, but in the broader, metaphysical sense, they assume a deeper, more profound significance. The Complete Book of Numerology reveals the underlying meaning behind the numbers in your life and enables you to understand ..
$17.06 $18.95
Brand: Urano World EAN: 9788417854263
A love worth fighting for. A dream worth dying for. An ending worth waiting for… It’s been two months since the Fates were freed from a deck of cards, two months since Legend claimed the throne for his own, and two months since Tella discovered the boy she fell in love with doesn’t really exist.With..
$21.56 $23.95
Brand: Batiscafo EAN: 9788419320841
Welcome to El Temido, the pirate ship of the fierce captain Bad Beard. His crew is used to meeting all kinds of creatures on the seven seas. But now they are about to meet the most terrifying of all, and their lives will change forever...
$19.76 $21.95
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