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View 40 hábitos para peques altamente sensibles
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788418956263
40 Habits for Higlhy Sensitve
You may have noticed that your child is easily saturated, feels intensely and is very empathic. High sensitivity is a personality trait that brings a number of positive characteristics, such as increased creativity, enjoyment or closeness to others, but it also has a flip side, such as oversaturatio..
$21.56 $23.95
View Biografía del silencio
Brand: Batiscafo EAN: 9788417971717
Biography of Silence
With silence increasingly becoming a stranger to us, one man set out to become its intimate: Pablo d'Ors, a Catholic priest whose life was changed by Zen meditation. With disarming honesty and directness, as well as a striking clarity of language, d'Ors shares his struggles as a beginning meditator:..
$14.36 $15.95
View Dale la vuelta al autismo
Brand: Urano World EAN: 9788417694685
Turn Autism Around
Turn Autism Around is the first book of its kind that calls attention to an important fact: parents can make a tremendous impact on their child's development through behavioral practices taught at home, even in as little as 15 minutes a day. Her program shows these autism and developmental delays ca..
$18.86 $20.95
View Ajedrez infantil
Brand: Sélector EAN: 9786074537994
Children's Chess
Enter the fascinating world of chess with Children's Chess! Discover the secrets of each piece and learn the basic movements, while exploring the best opening and closing techniques. In addition, unlock brilliant strategies such as castling, blitzkrieg, and many other amazing tricks that will help y..
$14.36 $15.95
View Al final mueren los dos (New Ed.)
Brand: Urano World EAN: 9788496886704
They Both Die At The End
Mateo and Rufus are total strangers looking to make a new friend on their End Day. The good news: there’s an app for that. Rufus and Mateo are about to meet up for one last great adventure, to live a lifetime in a single day. They Both Die at the End is a tour de force from acclaimed author Adam Sil..
$17.96 $19.95
View Aurora Burning
Brand: Urano World EAN: 9788419030818
Aurora Burning (The Aurora Cycle - Book 2)
First, the bad news: an ancient evil--you know, your standard consume-all-life-in-the-galaxy deal--is about to be unleashed. The good news? Squad 312 is standing by to save the day. They've just got to take care of a few small distractions first. Like the clan of gremps who'd like to rearrange their..
$22.46 $24.95
View Un brillante rayo de oscuridad
Brand: Almuzara EAN: 9788411315869
A Bright Ray of Darkness
An invigorating meditation on fame and celebrity and the redemptive and healing power of art, a portrait of the ravages of disappointment and divorce, a poignant consideration of the rites of fatherhood and manhood, a novel steeped in rage and sex, longing and despair, and a passionate love letter t..
$20.66 $22.95
View El nuevo modelo de ventas
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788411721059
The New Model of Selling
The old way of selling was killed off years ago. So why are businesses still leaning on old strategies? Jeremy Miner and Jerry Acuff know firsthand how frustrating sales can be, especially when companies require old, outdated methods. And today’s buyers, armed with an excess of information online, a..
$19.76 $21.95
View La balada de nunca jamás 
Brand: Urano World EAN: 9788417854928
The Ballad of Never After (Once upon a Broken Heart # 2)
Stephanie Garber's The Ballad of Never After is the fiercely-anticipated sequel to the #1 New York Times bestseller Once Upon a Broken Heart, starring Evangeline Fox and the Prince of Hearts on a new journey of magic, mystery, and heartbreak After Jacks, the Prince of Hearts, betrays her, Evangelin..
$21.56 $23.95
View Bridgerton 3. Te doy mi corazón
Brand: Urano World EAN: 9788416327843
An Offer From a Gentleman
(Cover of book may or may not have Netflix printed seal.)Now a Netflix series. A #1 New York Times Bestseller From #1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn comes the third of her beloved Regency-set novels featuring the charming, powerful Bridgerton family, now ..
$17.96 $19.95
View Dinero fácil
New Bestseller
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788411721189
Easy Money
"A smart, savvy road map through the mayhem of the cryptocurrency madness." —RON CHERNOW, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Alexander Hamilton From “one of the crypto industry’s unlikely but most prominent critics” (Washington Post), an entertaining and well-researched account of the rise and fall of..
$26.96 $29.95
View Manual práctico para enseñar a leer y escribir
Brand: Almuzara EAN: 9788415943945
Practical manual to teach reading and writing
Reading and writing are one of the educational issues that generates the most controversy and questions among educators and families. This book will show a new approach and a new conception of literacy skills, spelling, and the prevention of both. Simple, practical, and adaptable to the evolutionary..
$20.66 $22.95
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