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View Sangre y espina
Brand: Urano World EAN: 9788419252210
Painted devils
After taking down a corrupt margrave, breaking a deadly curse, and finding romance with the vexingly scrupulous junior prefect Emeric Conrad, Vanja had one great mystery left: her long-lost birth family... and whether they would welcome a thief. But in her search for an honest trade, she hit trouble..
$22.46 $24.95
View Tu sueño imperios han sido
Brand: Anagrama EAN: 9788433999498
Your Dream Empires Have Been
Cortés enters Mehxicoh-Tenoxtitlan with his nine captains, his two translators –Friar Aguilar and Malinalli, interpreter and lover–, his troops and their horses. There the princess Atotoxtli, sister and wife of Moctezuma, accompanied by the priests, entertains them with a meal, and later the emperor..
$20.66 $22.95
View Cuerpo de mujer, sabiduría de mujer (Edición revisada)
Brand: Urano World EAN: 9788417694319
Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom
This book powerfully demonstrates that when women change the basic conditions of their lives that lead to health problems, they heal faster, more completely, and with far fewer medical interventions. Dr. Northrup brings us vital new information about the best techniques of Western medicine and the b..
$38.66 $42.95
View Las diosas nunca envejecen (New Edition)
Brand: Urano World EAN: 9788418714344
Goddesses Never Age
This book is an invitation to recover your vitality so that you feel like a goddess again now and always. We recover one of the most emblematic works on health and aging; a guide written by Dr. Christiane Northrup in which she will teach us the keys to aging with vitality and fulfillment, physically..
$22.46 $24.95
View Eros (English Edition)
Brand: Urano World EAN: 9781953027030
In this book you probably won't find what you expect. Our culture teaches us to love conditionally and, for many people, love is precisely the source of all their problems. This book shows us that love is the force of life, unlimited and unconditional. Therefore, many of the myths and love stories a..
$11.66 $12.95
View Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre la lactancia
Brand: Urano World EAN: 9788418714450
Better Breastfeeding
In today’s breastfeeding-friendly environment, the pressure to nurse is intense. We hear over and over that breastfeeding is natural, and every woman can do it. The truth is, the majority of moms need help breastfeeding, but they’re forced to sift through varying viewpoints from a dizzying host of s..
$19.76 $21.95
View Ikigai - Vintage
Brand: Urano World EAN: 9788418714078
According to the Japanese, everyone has an ikigai, a reason for existing. Some have found it and are aware of their ikigai, others have it inside, but are still looking for it. This is one of the secrets to a long, young and happy life like the one led by the inhabitants of Okinawa, the longest-livi..
$14.36 $15.95
View La escuela del Bien y del Mal 1
Brand: Urano World EAN: 9788417854553
The School for Good and Evil
With her glass slippers and devotion to good deeds, Sophie knows she'll earn top marks at the School for Good and join the ranks of past students like Cinderella and Snow White. Meanwhile, Agatha, with her shapeless black frocks and wicked black cat, seems a natural fit for the School for Evil...
$18.86 $20.95
View La vida invisible de Addie LaRue
Brand: Urano World EAN: 9788416517374
The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERUSA TODAY BESTSELLERBESTSELLER NATIONAL INDIEBESTSELLER OF THE WASHINGTON POSTRecommended by Entertainment Weekly, Real Simple, NPR, Slate and Oprah MagazineLibrary of #1 reads Pick-October 2020#1 Indie Next Pick October 2020BOOK OF THE YEAR FINALIST (2020) — Book of The Mon..
$24.26 $26.95
View Pensamientos del corazón. Cartas
New Bestseller
Brand: Urano World EAN: 9788418714276
Heart Thoughts Cards
This beautifully designed deck of 64 powerful affirmations and spiritual meditations will help you meet your day-to-day experiences with love and peace. The 4" x 4" cards are a convenient size for placing around your home, car, workplace, or anywhere you will see them often...
$18.86 $20.95
View Cuando me siento bien conmigo mismo
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491450696
When I Feel Good About Myself
I feel good about myself. Somebody loves me just as I am. I don't have to look like anyone else, be a certain size, or do the same things. It's fine to be me. This book offers children positive and upbeat examples about being themselves. Together, the text and art foster self-esteem and independence..
$13.46 $14.95
View Familia tóxica
Brand: Urano World EAN: 9788418714467
Will The Drama Never End?
A pioneer on the devastating effects of narcissistic abuse, Karyl McBride, PhD, has the answer for anyone desperate for help in overcoming the damage of being raised in a family headed by a narcissistic parent. Divided into three sections, McBride explores the insidious way a narcissistic environmen..
$19.76 $21.95
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