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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788478086832
This book summarizes in 40 verses the essence of spiritual wisdom in a clear and easily way to understand. It’s a door that invites to experiment self reality. The teachings of this book, based on direct experiences of Ramana Maharshi, composed a work that will delight seekers of Truth. / Este libr..
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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788416579815
Be Happy Coloring
Coinciding with the recent surge of coloring books for adults comes Be Happy Coloring. This trend continues to grow; every day, more and more people try their hand at coloring. It Contains 71 cool drawings of inspiring animals, landscapes, feminine faces, and mandalas. / Coincidiendo con los ultimo..
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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788478088621
Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer
Braden describes this ancient form of prayer that has no words, or outward expressions. He leads us on a journey exploring what our most intimate experiences tell us about our deepest beliefs. Through case histories and his personal sharing, Braden explores the wisdom of these timeless secrets, and ..
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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788478089628
Yoga Sequencing
This book presents the methods for sequencing yoga classes. Addressing one of the most popular topics in the yoga profession, this book offers sixty-seven model sequences of yoga poses (asanas) that cover the broad range of yoga student experience. Each sequence provides guidance for teaching medit..
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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788418531866
Be Exceptional: Master the Five Traits That Set Extraordinary People Apart
A master class in leadership from the world’s top body language expert From internationally bestselling author and retired FBI agent Joe Navarro, a groundbreaking look at the five powerful principles that set exceptional individuals apart Joe Navarro spent a quarter century with the FBI, pursuing sp..
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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788478087655
Second Sight
Dr.Orloff expands her ideas and explores intuition’s role in maintaining health and emotional wellbeing, using examples from her own and her patients’ lives. A selfportrait of a woman’s journey toward the acceptance of intuition as a therapeutic tool, and a comprehensive look at how you can develop ..
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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788419105424
Shobogenzo 1
The Shobogenzo, written in the XIII century by the Japanese monk Eihei Dogen (1200-1253), is one of the most relevant texts of Buddhism. Contextualized in the tradition of the Soto school of Zen Buddhism, this monumental work of ninety and five chapters edited by Maestro Hangyo Kozen in the Genroku ..
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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788478089604
Shobogenzo (2)
This second volume of Shobogenzo contains twenty chapters and an appendix on Chinese Masters, along with a glossary of Sanskrit terms that will enrich and facilitate the reading of this vast and complex work, inducing delight and admiration in anyone interested in Buddhism, psychology, history, phil..
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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788416233762
Shobogenzo was put together in the thirteenth century by the Zen master Dogen, founder of the Soto Zen school in Japan. Through its linguistic artistry and its philosophical subtlety, the Shobogenzo presents a new interpretation of Buddhism with a creative ingenuity that has not been matched in all ..
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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788416579358
Shobogenzo (4)
The Shobogenzo or Treasury of True Dharma Eye, written in the thirteenth century by the Japanese monk Eihei Dogen(1200-1253), is one of the most important texts of Buddhism. Contextualized in the tradition of the Soto school of Zen Buddhism, this monumental work of ninety-five chapters aims to bring..
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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788478089598
No Self, No Problem
This book, based on recent talks given in California, reflects Rinpoche's understanding of and insight into the universal challenges of being human. Deeply trained in the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, the author distills his knowledge into simple, clear words of wisdom. His instructions cut..
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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788478087853
The phenomenon of synchronicity has accompanied human beings since ancient times. Maximum Teodorani Astrophysicist shows that synchronicity has long being studied in depth, especially by the quantum physics. This is a fascinating book for all physics and psychology lovers, and also for those interes..
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