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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788417399528
Yoga Nidra
A powerful integration of book and CD audio learning, Yoga Nidra is an ancient tantric yoga path that leads to inner freedom. Through accessible language appropriate for any level of practice, Miller takes us step-by-step through the traditional techniques of relaxation and meditation. / Adecuado t..
Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788478087495
Yoga for Weight Loss
This book teaches that obesity is not a disease; it is simply an imbalance in your system that can be cured with the help of simple and effective yogic techniques. It provides a comprehensive and straightforward account of the remedy that includes a set of yogic techniques, the ideal diet, and more ..
Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788417399511
Restore and Rebalance
Restorative yoga offers the body a chance to rest deeply. Whether you are feeling weak, fatigued, stressed, or simply need to slow down and tune into your body, this wonderfully adaptive practice is essential for well being. Discover how just a few minutes a day of active, supported rest can help. /..
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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788417399054
Yoga Therapy
From the best-selling author of Teaching Yoga, Yoga Sequencing, and Yoga Adjustments comes this essential resource for learning how to adapt yoga practices to best accommodate and heal a wide array of common injuries and ailments. / Mark Stephen, autor de los éxitos internacionales Secuencias de Yo..
Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788478088898
Yoga Vasishta Sara
This classic of Hinduism is a dialogue between the wise Vasishta and the young prince Sri Rama where they set out the teachings of the doctrine of non-duality, Advaita. / Este clásico del hinduismo es un diálogo entre el sabio Vasishta y el joven príncipe Sri Râma donde se exponen las enseñanzas de..
Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788416579914
Art Attention Practice Workbook Meditation
Full of motivation, creativity and consciousness, Yoga: The Art of Attention will make you aware and empower your cells from the inside out. This book will launch you into the search for new expressions and new discoveries in your practice and your life. / Colmado de motivación, creatividad y conci..
Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788418000706
Zero Frequency
Zero Frequency is without static or bad connections. No judgments, struggles, or fears, just pure inspiration. As the Law of Attraction and Ho'oponopono teaches us, our thoughts create our reality. In Zero Frequency you loosen your thoughts, live in the flow, and give yourself to God's universe. / ..
Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788416233526
Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices
Dr. Walker explains how the deficiency of certain elements, such as vital organic minerals and salts, and consequently of vitamins, from our customary diet is the primary cause of nearly every sickness and disease. Following his recommendations to consume fresh vegetable and fruit juices, we can fur..
Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788416579808
Stop Vision Loss Now!
Losing your eyesight is a frightening thought. Every five seconds someone in the world goes blind. In this book, you will learn the basic underlying causes for the most common degenerative eye disorders and what you can do to prevent, stop, and even reverse them. / Durante anos se nos ha hecho cree..
Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788417399320
Change Now!
Suzanne Powell opens to us, for the first time, her private apothecary and shares all those tips and tricks that, for years have helped her preserve her well-being. This book is a gift, an inspired talk with her readers telling everything that she has been transmitted and experienced herself. / Su..
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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788478086856
Living Without Procrastination
This interactive text will help the reader understand why we postpone the fulfillment of our tasks, proposing a method to break this habit. Each chapter offers specific strategies for dealing with the apathy at school, at work and at home. / Esta obra es un texto interactivo que ayudará al lector a..
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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788416233427
Stand Up and Roar
Mahendra Tevar’s book is a spiritual autobiography, a personal journey through Hinduism and Buddhism. In simple language, the author shares the experiences and anecdotes of the spiritual quest throughout his life. He recounts visits to holy places and encounters with masters such as Papaji, Roberto ..
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