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Brand: Duomo EAN: 9788418538698
The Brotherhood. New Edition
Carthage, 6th century BC. Ariadna, daughter of the philosopher Pythagoras, receives a scroll with news that embodies the worst of her nightmares. The terrible message includes an inverted pentacle, the abominable symbol that represents the opposite of the lofty teachings of her father. Immediately a..
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Brand: Urano EAN: 9788492915682
The Never List
One night, Sarah Farber and her best friend, Jennifer, accept a cab ride with grave, everlasting consequences. For the next three years, they are held captive with two other girls in a dungeon-like cellar by a connoisseur of sadism. Ten years later, Sarah decides to reconnect with the other survivor..
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Brand: Atico EAN: 9788417525965
Moon Over Soho (Rivers of London)
The song. That’s what London constable and sorcerer’s apprentice Peter Grant first notices when he examines the corpse of Cyrus Wilkins, part-time jazz drummer and full-time accountant, who dropped dead of a heart attack while playing a gig at Soho’s 606 Club. The notes of the old jazz standard are ..
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Brand: Anagrama EAN: 9788433961075
Ripley Under Ground
Now part of American literary lore, Tom Ripley, "a bisexual psychopath and art forger who murders without remorse when his comforts are threatened" (New York Times Book Review), was Patricia Highsmith's favorite creation. In these volumes, we find Ripley ensconced on a French estate with a wealthy w..
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Brand: Urano EAN: 9788492915774
Dexter Is Dead
Dexter Morgan has burned the candle at both ends for many years. Blood spatter analyst… husband… father… serial killer. And now, for the first time, his world has truly collapsed. Dexter is arrested on charges of murder. He has lost his family and the trust of his sister. Now completely alone, Dexte..
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Brand: Urano EAN: 9788416517657
Velvet Was the Night
1970s, Mexico City. Maite is a secretary who lives for one thing: the latest issue of Secret Romance. While student protests and political unrest consume the city, Maite escapes into stories of passion and danger. Her next-door neighbor, Leonora, a beautiful art student, seems to live a life of int..
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Brand: Atico EAN: 9788418216312
Nine Elms
From the breakthrough international bestselling author of The Girl in the Ice, a breathtaking, page-turning novel about a disgraced female detective’s fight for redemption. And survival…Kate Marshall was a promising young police detective when she caught the notorious Nine Elms serial killer. But he..
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Brand: Almuzara EAN: 9788418709685
The Red Bison Painter
Ritual murders. Magic and shamanism. Two women separated by sixteen thousand years and united by the cave paintings of Altamira. The corpses of several archaeologists have been found inside brutally mutilated caves. The cave paintings in these caves have been destroyed, and the events have puzzled t..
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Brand: Urano EAN: 9788416517510
The Desert Prophecy
A novel that combines adventure and historical mystery, an Arab dancer and a falconer must travel the Middle East to discover the mystery hidden in the ancient letter of a Sufi master... Mahmed, a falconer who works for a Saudi prince, and Nur, a famous Arab dancer, will be forced by a secret associ..
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Brand: Duomo EAN: 9788417761363
The Psychiatrist
The case of a terrified and abused patient turns into psychiatrist Ellen Roth's nightmare. The woman is afraid of being kidnapped by the bogeyman. She whispers it to Ellen and then disappears without a trace. No one has seen her or knows anything about her. Ellen wants to find her. But in trying, sh..
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Brand: Urano EAN: 9788416517923
The Haunting Season
Long before Charles Dickens and Henry James popularized the tradition of supernatural horror, the shadowy nights of winter have been a time for people to gather together by the flicker of candlelight and experience the intoxicating thrill of a spooky tale. Now eight bestselling, award-winning autho..
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Brand: Urano EAN: 9788492915408
The Broken Window
Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs return to face a criminal whose ingenious staging of crimes is enabled by a terrifying access to information. When Lincoln's estranged cousin is arrested on murder charges, the case is closed. Forensic evidence from Arthur's home is found all over the scene of the crim..
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